What is sous vide cooking? Well, sous vide is a simple method of cooking that easily enhances the flavors of your meals. Pronounced as “sue-veed” which translated from French means “under vacuum”, is the process of cooking food in a vacuum-sealed bag and then placing it to cook in a water bath with a precise temperature.  Sous vide cooking is commonly used in high-end restaurants for years in order for them to deliver food at the right level of doneness. Recently, cooking with sous vide has gained popularity amongst home cooks due to the affordable availability of the sous vide machine.

The process for cooking sous vide is incredibly simple with a minimum of three steps. This includes filling the cooker with a pot of water and then setting the desired level of temperature and cooking time-based on how done you want your food to be. Next, food must be placed into a sealable bag and clipped to hang by the pot but leave the bottom part submerged into the water bath. Finally, usually the food that has been sous vide inside the water bath is already cooked but you can also finish the cooking process by searing or grilling it if a crispy layer is desired.

If you have not tried sous vide cooking or eaten foods cooked in sous vide, do give it a go. The taste can be a new change as it often has an enhanced flavor compared to traditional cooking. If you’d like to learn more on how to cook sous vide, Sous Vide Wizard (https://sousvidewizard.com/) is a site with a comprehensive list of sous vide machines and reviews, as well as cookbooks and recipes for you try. So why not broaden out your taste buds by trying out meals made by sous vide?

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