Affordable Sport Fishing

A lot of us dream of sportfishing but how many of us really have the capacity to pursue this elitist sport?

Over the last couple of years, a silent version of sportfishing has developed into a course almost unto itself, kayak fishing. Although kayak fishing might have existed for decades, the innovations and decorations being chased nowadays have been turning heads in the fishing world along while bringing positions of new paddling anglers!

With a cost of under $2,000 for a dream cruiser plus some decent handle to bootkayak fishing might be the biggest thing to happen since Bertram Yachts came out with the Deep-V!

Propelled with only a paddle, kayak anglers can often be found working the shore far out enough to where they are boating pelagics such as wahoo, dorado, sailfish, and even marlin! It is a fishing mix that gives the angler a chance to fight a fish like no other. The slow trolling speeds required and comparatively terrific stability of the majority of these fun kayaks create kayak fishing something most can slip into fairly readily. You don’t need to be among those macho-types connected with the tippy surfskis or one-man outrigger canoes which have exploded in popularity in recent years.

Trolling on a kayak is to slip silently through the water in anticipation of”the snack.” The absence of any engine sound adds to the drama once the reel begins screaming and line begins to peel out in the spool with the fish’s first strike and run. Then the excitement takes on an entirely new dimension as the light weight of the kayak pontoons allows the fish to tow it through the water, a feeling one would never encounter on even the tiniest of traditional fishing craft.

It has been almost two years since I began kayak fishing and I can not believe it took me so long to give it a go. Having fished from boats and from the shore, I really thought I had”been there done that” before I received my first major strike trolling a lure on a kayak. Soon, we moved up to bigger tackle and eventually began working much deeper water to the pelagic trophies.

Certainly, we will not ever come back with a set of fish to cover the pier like most of our”bigger boat” counterparts, but when fishing from a kayak or two are actually all you need as the memory of landing a bluewater tropy out of a kayak is more than sufficient to satisfy the saltiest of us all.


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