Computer Repair: Replacing a Hard Drive

Is your hard disk dead? Do you need more storage space to your computer? Well, you are going to have to replace your hard disk. You may believe that changing a hard drive is a challenging job, one which you couldn’t do by yourself.

The Procedure

To start, back up any information from the old hard disk that you need to continue to. Butif your drive no more functions this won’t be possible, but if you contact a computer repair pro there’s a chance that they’ll have the ability to recover data from your driveway.

As soon as you’re done transferring your data you’ll have to turn your computer off and remove the power cable. After you have completed this you may remove the case from the computer and locate the hard drive. When you’ve located the it start removing any screws that hold the drive in place. Make certain to discharge any static electricity you might have built up before reaching into your PC. A static shock may lead to damage to your PC. Before you can remove the drive you’ll have to unplug the wires connecting it to your motherboard Hard Drive Repair.

However, most drives today are just 3-1/2 inches wide. In case you have 5-1/4 inch drive bays, make certain the new drive you buy comes with a 5-1/4 inch carrier – a metal framework into which the 3-1/2 inch drive can be procured. If your existing drive is 3-1/2 inches wide, it might be in a carrier which you can reuse.

When you’ve secured your hard drive to the carrier, plug the wires into your new drive. If the wires do not match your replacement drive should include wires you can use. You only have to remove the old wires from the motherboard and plug into the new ones. Now it is time to return the hard drive to its original location within your computer. Now fasten the drive with all the screws you took out.

All you will need to do today is power up your system, install your Operating System, and move any information that you backed up from the old drive. There you go, you get a new hard disk. A simple installation which you could do by yourself. However there are always computer repair pros who will look after it for you.


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