Is This the Time to Be Looking at Buying a French Property?

But, naturally, we would say that! There are however, three chief reasons behind our thinking. There’s plenty of encouraging comments from the French Property News media. Timing and Location, Location, Location are prime problems when purchasing a property. We analyze the property market in France and provide reasons why you should be buying today.

Secondly, the pound sterling has recovered from the euro and predictions indicate that pound Shrimp can move over the 1.20 to 1.30 euro range into the pound in a brief time frame. This makes French property more economical to sterling buyers. Similarly. Other currencies have strengthened against the euro and other overseas buyers will be drawn to the French property market

Third, President Sarkozy is introducing tax steps that taxpayers can offset 25% of the cost of purchasing a residential property from their personal income taxup to a maximum of EUR75,000 on a EUR300,000 property. Additionally, laws introduced by Sarkozy, which encourage wider home ownership, have become a significant driver. From the start of 2009, France has provided certain homeowners zero-interest loans of around EUR30,000. All these steps will push demand and costs will rise consequently.

So, now’s a fantastic time to be getting into the French Property industry! There are still a lot of properties with significant price reductions where owners wish to sell quickly!


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