Is Laser Lipo A Good Choice For Me?

Laser lipo is a hybrid version of the traditional liposuction procedure. Both methods are designed to get rid of stubborn fatty deposits that haven’t reacted to low fat diets or exercise regimes. The conventional liposuction operation is done by a plastic surgeon in a hospital or clinical setting. The cannula is attached to a suctioning machine that vacuums the adipose tissue off. Occasionally a fluid is injected prior to the operation to puff up the tissue and make the fat more readily harvestable. This is called”tumescent” lipo because the area does indeed become tumescent or bloated.

Lasers have been in existence for quite a while and were originally a military instrument. Lasers are used for many different uses including baldness, in operation instead of a scalpel, for skin resurfacing and more. Now it’s also utilized to improve the liposuction procedure best discounts on lipolaser machines.

The proponents of the new technique report it is faster, more successful with less bruising and healing period. Anesthetic use is allegedly lessened, too. The technique differs from the conventional route in the fatty tissue is lowered before lipo. The tissue is assumed to be much tighter with this procedure. 1 reason for the tightening is that collagen is reportedly increased during the method. Collagen is a component that makes skin retain its elasticity. Without collagen, sagging of the skin outcomes.

1 risk that some physicians and patients have expressed concern about is the possibility of burns. Without a very skilled and well trained physician performing the surgery, burning of the area is possible. Some physicians are very sold on the effectiveness of the technique while others remain attentive.

Despite the fact that there are dangers associated with laser lip, every individual must understand there are risks with any medical procedure. It would be sensible to consider the pros and cons to determine whether that operation is perfect for an individual. Additionally, there are risks related to obesity, bulging surplus body fat or of feeling ashamed of one’s body. A list of pros and cons have to be made.

The most common body parts for individuals to ask liposuction of any kind include the stomach, thighs, upper arms, buttocks, hips, and facial areas. Sometimes this procedure is done by itself, while other times it is done in conjunction with operations like the tummy tuck, facelift, or circumferential body lift.

If someone was interested in ridding their own body of stubborn fatty deposits, they should make an appointment with a board certified plastic surgeon to go over the possibilities of laser lip.


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