How to Market Yourself As a Wedding Photographer


Wedding photography is an extremely aggressive and very lucrative business industry. For most photographers, it’s their bread and butter – a more stable income than more arty photography.

There are of course variations in prospective customers: those that are willing to spend a small fortune and hope the maximum quality of photography, individuals that are looking to devote a certain predetermined quantity and still anticipate a high degree of photography, and people that are looking for a budget photographer.

You have to first determine what customer base you’re going to aim for, bearing in mind your level of experience and expertise. Would you compete with photographers in the very top end of this spectrum? Would you really feel confident you could picture a complete wedding into a consistently higher standard?

Whatever customer base you plan for, the crucial thing is to get yourself noticed. One of the points of marketing for wedding photographers is the fact that it is a marketplace with a defined customer base: couples that are getting married.

First and foremost you have to get yourself on the internet. No photographer should have a badly or unprofessionally designed site – like an artist your site will say more about your degree of professionalism than any other component of your business – since stunning photography will appear only half as stunning in a bad design. For this reason, it’s very important to approach a professional web designer – that he is going to have the ability to counsel you on the ideal sort of site to your personal fashion.

The second thing to concentrate on is Internet marketing. For a wedding photographer there just two particular regions to concentrate on: search engine optimization (being located on Google for your chosen keywords such as”London wedding photographers” and getting several ads and listings in wedding and wedding photography related sites.

Thirdly it’s essential to have listings and ads in local wedding magazines. Many brides-to-be will purchase at least one or 2 wedding magazines because of their place or nation, so their entire readership is your prospective customers: that the earnings potential is enormous and investment in this region shouldn’t be underestimated.

Finally, you have to concentrate on networking. Find a regional bridal store and develop a reputation and extend a 10% referral commission for every customer you join.



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