Kik isn’t just an ordinary instant messaging up, it is also a community for people to chat, share tips and interests, a buy and sell area, and also, to look for dates. Kik is a platform to connect people with each other and what happens after is all up to them. While it was never intended for the App to be considered as another place for finding a compatible partner to spend the night with, however, many others have already considered it as one of the alternatives to a dating application. If you’re still curious to find yourself to get a date through kik, here are a couple of tips you could try.


  1. Join a Group

This is one presented to you after you first register. You can search for hashtags that are inclined towards your interests and depending if these hashtags exist, you will be presented with a list of groups you can follow, and maybe find someone in there that you could start a conversation with. If there are no results presented, you can always start your own public group for others with similar interests as you to find and connect with you.


  1. is a free website that helps Kik users to find other users with similar interests to connect with. But instead of swiping left or right to a profile, users will be able to click and view on different usernames to view their full profile. This gives you an opportunity to have an anonymous chat with a stranger that is aware that you found them on this site. You can also register yourself to the bestfinder – kik usernames db by filling up a simple form that requires your username, age, gender, and fill in some details about your interests. Now, all that is required to wait for someone to initiate a conversation with you, or you could get a head start by chatting with those already registered to the site.

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