The Future of Interactive Advertising

Having attended the game developer’s conference along with SXSW interactive, I walked away motivated. Within my motivated state, I want to share some tips:

  • The video game business is years before this advertising market. Simple and plain mathematics tells you that games have been in existence to get just a bit over 10 for 30 decades and advertising. And it reveals. The video game market has had significant financial victories and they are having a renaissance with the growth of “games as an art form”. As an individual in advertising, we ought to seem to the game business due to their understanding of storytelling. As for me, I feel it could be expanded to internet brand storytelling, in addition to multiple electronic platforms (which we are already seeing arg’s).
  • Streaming services including on live made a major splash. The notion of having the ability to deliver massive games across the net with no loading time makes some people today salivate (and anxious). In my POV, the game world might not be larger than this. Imagine having the ability to use their compression methods to deliver videos file his can alter the way we provide promotion campaigns. Loading bars would be the bane of my life. The last thing that I (or some other consumer) needs to do is wait between pages as enormous video files load – to a new site no less. Let us tap in to it if the tech is out there.

In reality, about any conference center blows off Austin’s. I like that your town, but do something about your conference centre. It is an eye sore on a city that is gorgeous.


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