Why Use an Anonymous Proxy Server?

An anonymous proxy is a computer software designed to conceal your identity when surfing the web. The program runs from a third party host and manages data exchange between you and the servers you need to access, like sites, web email, and chat rooms. With an anonymous proxy, you can’t deal directly with the areas you visit; you send and receive data through the proxy. Along with this, an anonymous proxy can protect you from spyware and monitoring devices such biscuits, pop-ups and malicious scripts.

– Ability to skip network limitations

Suppose you use a computer in college or employment. The local area network has banned a site you would like to access. Or you might be attempting to access a website that forbids visitors from the country. For those who have ever wondered how to bypass network limitations, an anonymous proxy is the solution. Since your IP address is changed or concealed, the website does not recognize you for who/where you’re and you get free access. Note however that willfully circumventing website or network limitations might be illegal. If you would like to use a proxy merely to get banned sites, ask yourself if it is worth the risk.

Anonymous proxies may also be used to browse anonymously. Would you like to cover your tracks, hide your browsing interests and/or not be realized by a web admin? An anonymous proxy will let you do that. Nobody will know your IP address, returning visits, browser type or state of origin.

Lastly, you can accelerate web browsing with a proxy server. Proxies often cache files and pages that other users have asked before you. If you send a request and the Anonymous Proxy discovers it is already there in the cache, then it is going to display it instantly.

An anonymous proxy may also be used for malicious reasons. It’s essential to obtain an anonymizer that permits secure connections so that you can encrypt your data during transit.

Sometimes understanding how to bypass network limitations and surf hidden can be a terrible thing. If you become email messages and discover in the headers that the sender is using an anonymous server, contact the server owner and the police to report the incident. Never respond to the spammer or stalker.

For safest and best results , it’s highly advised that you use just a reliable proxy server with a clean history. It can cost you a bit unlike free proxies but then again is there a cost for your privacy and safety?


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