Watch out For Vehicle Fraud!

With the purchase price of new cars popping up like sky-rocket each calendar year, buying a used car is a good way to extend your dollar. But also a bet, if you are lucky you may have the ability to score yourself a fantastic car at a deal on the other hand you may just get a lemon car. And there are scam artists out there to benefit from unexpected buyers. Be prepared to operate as far away from the vendor when these occur:

Airbag Fraud: Crooked, dishonest body stores would replace your formerly deployed airbags using dummies or non-working airbag. Or in other situations, they eliminate your un-deployed airbag and replace it with a set up you to make it look like the first had deployed throughout the mishaps. Drivers almost don’t have any method of finding out till it is too late.

Odometer Rollbacks: The electronic odometers are rolled back by gear that available for simple access online or on occasion the files can be forged. The average mileage per year is roughly 12,000 miles, so when the amount looks too low, begin asking questions.

VIN Cloning: Scam artists will change the VIN on stolen cars to hide their identity and the cars are subsequently sold to unknowing clients.

The car can include hidden issues.

If you are looking to buy a car, I advise you to do your homework. Don’t forget to check out our Tips We have the best car buying tips.



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